Innovation Accelerator

Accelerating Utah Product Innovations

For Product Innovators

RAMP is a new-product/new-market accelerator applying advanced startup processes to capture emerging market opportunities.

10 Week Program

RAMP is a 10-week intensive mentoring and training course immersing innovators in a highly engaged and interactive learning experience with business mentors, manufacturing experts and topical specialists who help participants achieve success.

Startup Funding (No Equity)

RAMP companies may qualify for financial support during the program and preferred consideration for follow-on funding from RAMP partners, all with no equity requirements!

Current & Upcoming Cohorts

Applications for the RAMP Fall 2021 Accelerator are now open! Apply by Oct 26th.

Welcome to RAMP – the premier startup accelerator for Utah product innovators. RAMP is an intensive mentoring and training accelerator, immersing innovators in a highly engaged and interactive learning experience with business mentors, advanced materials experts, manufacturing professionals, 3D print specialists and more who each helped the companies improve further their success- all without requiring any equity from you or your company!

Lean Launch – Innovators are assisted in each stage of the lean startup process by joining weekly training sessions supplemented by individualized consultation with industry mentors. Privileged use of state of the art labs and technical equipment for product prototyping and materials testing is included in RAMP.

Northern Utah- The Center of Advanced Manufacturing & Product Innovation – RAMP is hosted in Northern Utah- internationally recognized as the hub for advanced materials and manufacturing. Providing easy access to the state’s industry cluster, each RAMP participant joins a community rich in innovators, technologists, product designers and business leaders in Northern Utah.

Trustworthy Partners – RAMP is organized and operated by Grow Utah– a non-profit dedicated to accelerating Utah’s start-ups and innovators for over 15 years, and is a continuation of their LIFT Startup Accelerator run for many years. It is co-hosted and sponsored by UAMMI– Utah’s premier industry association for advanced materials and manufacturing; the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development and the federal Small Business Administration

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