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RAMP Accelerator – Spring 2019 Cohort

For Product Innovators & Startups

A product/startup accelerator for innovators utilizing carbon fiber, advanced composites or 3D printing as key components in their product innovations.

10 Week Program

10-week intensive mentoring and training course immersing innovators in a highly engaged and interactive learning experience with business mentors, advanced materials experts and 3D print specialists.

Startup Funding

Companies receive financial support during the program and preferred consideration for follow-on funding from RAMP partners without giving up any equity.

The Spring 2019 RAMP Accelerator was a 10-week program for startups in the outdoor rec and advanced materials industry.  Nine startups participated in the program which was designed to help them in the areas of lean startup, rapid prototyping, material testing, business model canvas and more. The accelerator was a big success and several of the companies are already on their way to launching!

For more information, see the press, pictures, and company descriptions below.

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Spring 2019 Cohort – Selected Companies


PurTrek is the worlds first 2-in-1 trek pole with a built-in water filtration system allowing hikers to lighten their load and access instant hydration.


IsoTruss technology combines the material advantages of composites with optimized geometry to create extremely light and strong structures. IsoTruss’ geometry allows it to support complicated bending, axial, and torsional loading scenarios by diffusing the load into unidirectional forces on each of it’s members.


COMM is a communication device for climbing teams that does not rely on audio.  It uses LED buttons and screen to deliver clear messages between partners while minimizing power consumption, bulk, and weight.


Continuum aims to develop a continuous-loop manufacturing plant for composites and plastics, utilizing the world’s first recyclable thermoset epoxy system- Recyclamine. New products created with this resin can easily be recycled when their product life comes to an end. For example, a snowboard built with Recylamine resin can be broken down and the plastics reclaimed to create new products, such as sunglasses, goggles, or other items.

EcoFiber Bio Resin

A bio-resin that uses eco-fibers (natural plant fibers) with synthetically produced formulations.  These resins are more environmentally friendly and as well as commercially viable. 

Arctic Pack

Arctic Pack is a metal flask for keeping liquids cool or hot and is form-fitted to easily fit in backpacks.

LR Dynamics

LR Dynamics is an aluminum foundry in Utah that will soon serve the aerospace, medical, and defense industries. They currently setting up prototyping services that pair with their existing foundry capabilities to offer prototype to production services for any customer.

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