Utah Startup Accelerator for Product Innovations

Spring 2024 Cohort

Spring 2024 Cohort (Mar 28 – May 23)

For Product Innovators & Startups

RAMP is startup accelerator for product innovators within the consumer products, outdoor recreation, manufacturing and other product industries.

8 Week Program (One 3 Hr Classroom Per Week)

RAMP is an 8-week mentoring and training course immersing innovators in a highly engaged and interactive learning experience with business mentors, manufacturing experts and topical specialists who have all built and scaled product companies.

Startup Funding

RAMP is one of the few accelerators that does NOT TAKE ANY EQUITY from your company! Furthermore, participants receive preferred consideration for follow-on funding from financial partners, investors and seed funds.

Spring 2024 Cohort – Selected Companies


Entry Skis

Entry is introducing the world’s first titanium ski pole. Titanium not only allows for a higher strength-to-weight ratio than aluminum, but enables design features not possible with aluminum or carbon-fiber. Using anodization, our ski poles will have the sickest chrome finishes, making them absolutely eye-popping. Our new, waterproof grip tape provides a game changing, no-slip support to our carbon-fiber handle designed specifically for freeride skiers. www.EntrySkis.com


Measure Once Cut Once

MOCO is revolutionizing the way measurements are taken and utilized by carpenters. Their patented system features a state-of-the-art digital tape measure that accurately records lengths with the touch of a button. This measurement is sent wirelessly to their advanced miter saw stand, where a robotic production stop moves automatically to the exact measurement for a fully accurate cut. This speeds up production and eliminates costly lumber wastage. www.measureoncecutonce.com


Robot Tools

Robot Tools by Savage Automation builds the end of arm tooling for robots (the hand of the robot). Their products are designed specifically for customer applications and are lighter, faster and simpler than competitors. They use 3D printing to manufacture our products with internal channels for air and electrical lines that makes them easy to understand and set up and use. Because they are 3D printed they run faster and cause less robot wear. Their average lead times are 5-6 weeks. www.SavageAM.com

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