Product Startup Accelerator

Fall 2021 Cohort

RAMP-Logo-Composites-Startup-AcceleratorThe Fall 2021 RAMP Accelerator was a 10-week startup program for product innovators targeting a range of markets such as: outdoor recreation, medical devices, consumer products and more. Due to COVID, most sessions were held virtually, however RAMP still included intensive mentoring, training, and interactive learning experience with business mentors, advanced materials experts, manufacturing professionals, 3D print specialists and more who each helped the companies improve further their success.

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Fall 2021 Cohort – Selected Companies



PÜRTREK is revolutionary, first-of-its-kind, outdoor product that combines a hiking/trek pole with a built-in pump-style water filtration system providing easy and safe access to mountain streams. Gone are the days of carrying a separate water filter and cumbersome filtration gear. Now you can lighten your pack and enjoy the benefits of hydrating without the extra weight.



WÜMGO introduces a quantum leap in safety for child carrying.. WÜMGO is a revolutionary wearable child backpack carrier designed to protect a child if the wearer accidentally trips and falls. Our protective patented technology and award winning design shields the child’s head spine and body and lessens the final trauma level in a fall. Similar to the construction of a bicycle helmet, WÜMGO’s hard outer shell and impact absorbing liner is lightweight and comfortable for both the wearer and the child. www.wü


RV Defender

We identified a problem within the RV industry where tires blow out often. When this happens it creates extensive damage to the the RV. We built a metal wheel well that bolts to the axle and prevents damage to any camping trailer when a blowout occurs. RV-De-Fender is a solution to minimize or prevent any damage due to a tire blowout.



As our lives and our adventures change, there is a need for more advanced and sustainable gear to get the most out of life and leisure. At TRAILFORM, we meet that challenge head on. We believe some of our best memories and highlights in life occur in the outdoors with the people we care most about. It’s our goal to provide new, innovative, adaptable, high quality products that will enhance and simplify your every outdoor experience.



ElectraFly is an innovative aviation company that uses novel design and technology to develop advanced package-carrying drones for commercial use. We are a pre-revenue company that has international patent-pending applications on multiple innovations to increase the lift capacity and flight times for commercial drones.



Stabil-Eyes is the first and only self-contained, fully-mobile Binocular Sighting System™ providing a chest-mounted binocular harness and pack, featuring an infinitely adjustable, telescoping monopod topped by a rotatable mount for binoculars. This allows users to enjoy extended, steady viewing sessions, eliminating “shaky bino syndrome” and the eye and arm fatigue that results when having to hold binoculars by hand.


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