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Outdoor Rec 2017 Contest

Outdoor Rec '17 - Grand Prize

Snow-C by Waves: An innovative jacket that allows you to wirelessly charge your phone simply by putting it in your pocket. https://snow.waves.technology/

Outdoor Rec '17- Runner Up

The Shel by Khione is an innovative, ultralight hammock shelter which protects from all weather conditions.  www.khione.us

Outdoor Rec '17 - Runner Up

ISO Goggles:  Developed by students at the University of Utah.  Iso Goggles is a plastic and goggle structure that permanently resists fogging. Can be used in swim, snow sport, safety goggles, and potentially lab equipment

Bright Skies 2016 Clean Air Innovation Contest

Bright Skies '16 - Grand Prize

Idle Free Heat has created a device that drastically extends the time a vehicle’s heating system can provide heat inside the cab without the engine on. This reduces the need to idle the engine in order to keep the air warm while waiting inside the vehicle. www.IdleFreeHeat.com


Bright Skies '16 - Runner Up

Nikola Motor is the first company in the world to engineer and develop a 100% zero emission electric power semi-truck.  It uses hydrogen to recharge the battery so it never needs external charging.  www.nikolamotor.com

Bright Skies '16 - Runner Up

ShareLift is a ridesharing app that allows skiers and snowboarders to carpool to and from the resorts. Automatic payment, ranking, pickup locations and other features are all built in. www.shareliftapp.com

Outdoor Rec 2016 Contest

Outdoor Rec '16 - Grand Prize

Adventure Sport Tech is a proprietary carbon fiber manufacturing process which produces unique anti-vibration and ultra light core outdoor gear products. Their flagship product is the highly acclaimed PSE Carbon Air Compound Bow with other products to be announced soon. https://www.astcomposites.com

Outdoor Rec '16 - Runner Up

“Trail Series” tools by RedHed Tools are portable and modular shovels utilizing RedHed Tools’ patent pending “Quick Connect” system. They are ideal for backcountry trail and forestry work. www.redhedtools.com

Outdoor Rec '16 - Runner Up

Wavio is a voice-activated two-way radio that bridges between headphones and phone and also provides off-grid phone calls, texting and location sharing. www.GetWavio.com

Outdoor Rec '16 - Crowd Fav

Trisul Drift is a portable handheld device that generates electrical power from rivers and streams thus allowing backcountry power generation without solar restrictions.

Kool Kids/Teens 2016 Contest

KoolKids '16 - Grand Prize

TayKayes is a manufacturer of custom made jewelry and fashion accessories. www.TayKayes.com

KoolKids '16 - Runner Up

Game Day Flags is a business offering game day flag service to college football fans.

KoolKids '16 - Runner Up

T-Bird Dog Tags makes custom military style dog tags to be sold nationally, primarily to JROTC units.

KoolKids '16 - EY Winner

Kya’s Creations is a glass engraving business that takes client’s design and engraves it on glass and almost any other surface. www.facebook.com/KyasCreations

Outdoor Rec 2015 Contest

Outdoor Rec '15 - Grand Prize

Infuze Hydration is an inline flavoring system that attaches to any hydration pack.  It allows users to go from plain water to flavor and electrolyte options in seconds. www.infuzehydration.com


Outdoor Rec '15 - Runner Up

Fogo is the ultimate adventure gadget with a built-in flashlight, GPS, Bluetooth, backup battery, digital walkie-talkie, and app-friendly interface. https://fogo.io


Outdoor Rec '15 - Runner Up

The Armpack by Runband is an innovative hybrid of the fanny pack & armband. With five unique pockets, its sleek design is the next generation of personal storage while running, cycling, and more. www.RUNBAND.us

So Utah General Tech 2015 Contest


So UT GenTech '15 - Grand Prize

Lux Cube is a do-it-yourself light-cube electronics kit that beginner “makers” can build in 3 hours. https://clovertech.io


So UT GenTech '15 - Runner Up

The Lumen is a waist pack that is ideal for nightime runners. It contains built-in lights that are 4x the brightness of traditional running head lamps. The lights also impart a wide peripheral beam that is adjustable 180′ up and down. ultraspire.com


So UT GenTech '15 - Runner Up

Rail Beacon is a software/hardware system that tracks the exact location of railroad maintenance equipment and rail cars. www.t3ri.com

So UT GenTech '15 - Crowd Favorite

Phone-IO connects consumers with service providers by recording what they need and sending the voice message to service providers to respond with bids.

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