Utah Investors & Funding Sources

The following is a list of common angel, VC, and other investment sources in Utah. If you know of other groups not listed here, please let us know.

Utah Investors

SLC Angels

The SLC Angels (formerly the Olympus Angels) is an association of accredited investors based in Salt Lake City that share an interest in investing in early-stage, high-tech companies with substantial growth potential.  The SLC Angels provide mentoring and invest in promising entrepreneurial companies to help them grow and prosper.  www.slcangels.com

Utah Angels 2

Although the original Utah Angels recently disbanded, it’s now back as “Utah Angels 2”.  Since the mid-1990s the Utah Angels have been investing in, mentoring and advising Utah’s best and brightest entrepreneurs. Our membership is composed of former or current high tech executives and former entrepreneurs that are looking to invest time and money to develop cutting edge businesses. With a focus on future harvest, creating jobs, and development of the Utah Economy and it’s diversity.  www.ua2.co

Plus 550

Plus550 is a new Super Angel fund started by five iconic Utah entrepreneurs: Rick Alden, Alan Hall, Josh James, Todd Pedersen, and Greg Warnock. Plus550 believes that the historical channels through which entrepreneurs access capital are costly and time-consuming, that they hinder new business growth and overall economic development. Plus550 will optimize and disrupt the way early stage deals are funded through a high-speed, high energy program that provides unparalleled access, through the five founders, to capital, experience and networks essential to high growth emerging companies. By offering a simple process that provides entrepreneurs with normal deal terms and best venture practices, Plus550 will drive fair returns while positioning entrepreneurs for the greatest likelihood of long-term success.  www.plus550.com

Venture Blue Capital

Established by a group of hands-on, high-technology executives, ventureblue Capital provides more than just money. We help execute. We provide an entire Fast Start Program which includes methods, processes, tools and technology for early stage, emerging Companies . We are serious about our investments and serious about your success. Our Fast Start Program supported by our hands-on executive team accelerates you through the challenges, issues and risks of Company Start-up. We execute side-by-side with the Entrepreneur providing financial capital, human capital and end-to-end business incubation services to help accelerate your growth. Let’s go execute! venturebluecapital.com

Epic Ventures

Epic Ventures is a premier early stage software and Internet infrastructure venture firm whose mission is to back entrepreneurs and companies positioned to lead the information economy of tomorrow. We bring the collective operational and financial experience of our partnership, our world class advisers, and our extensive network of technology industry contacts to engage and ensure our portfolio’s success.  www.epicvc.com


1.6 million acres of national forest in the backyard….  A history of several successful fast growth companies….. A couple of entrepreneur investors…..  The result: JNivin- an active lifestyle investment and growth company based in Logan, Utah. Formed in 2013, JNivin is an active investment group looking for investments in many industries from consumer products to tech.  www.JNivin.com

Park City Angels

The Park City Angels are a newly formed group of accredited investors located in Park City, Utah. The Park City Angels are looking to invest in promising opportunities that can produce significant shareholder return.

The active lifestyle of Park City has attracted many dynamic and successful business leaders that have deep experience in building world class businesses. The Park City Angels facilitate unique, high-caliber networking and development forums for angel investors and mentors involved in early-stage investment. Our mission is to promote best practice in order to reduce risk in early-stage investments for the benefit of entrepreneurs, investors and the community. Our members are drawn from private groups, including investors and mentors who are interested in supporting and/or financing early-stage ventures.

Our members have in common a strong desire, willingness, and capability to support ventures where they can work with management in the local region. We invest in areas where we believe our group can be a true value-added investor.

Within our group is an environment where self help and camaraderie predominate and where angels can develop confidence in their early-stage investment skills.

Early-stage investing today is analogous to the early days of the stock market where railways and gold mining stocks attempted to attract scarce investment dollars. Clever people made their fortunes during these exciting times. The Park City Angels provide an environment where investors can develop a clever approach to early-stage investment.  http://parkcityangels.weebly.com

Pelion Ventures

At Pelion Venture Partners (formerly Utah Ventures/ UV  Partners/ Novell Partners), we seek great minds, resourceful innovators, and resilient entrepreneurs, and we add to that our own expertise, forged from our individual experience as executives, managers, technologists, lawyers, and financial experts. Together with our entrepreneurs, we believe this experience is the touchstone of success, so we have made it the foundation of our firm. We look constantly to discover innovative opportunities with visionary entrepreneurs who have a strong desire to succeed and the discipline to execute, and we help them launch their great ideas and achieve exciting new journeys in the marketplace.  www.pelionvp.com

Zetta Venture Partners

Zeta Venture Partners”]The firm, founded by industry veteran Mark Gorenberg, launched in 2013. With offices in San Francisco and Utah, and a worldwide network of partners, entrepreneurs and investors, Zetta Venture Partners is at the forefront of the next huge and long-lasting investment opportunity. Zetta’s first fund is targeting 12 seed and early-stage enterprise investments.  www.zettavp.com

Kickstart Seed Fund

We are a seed fund. Our mission is to kickstart companies in the Mountain West by aligning technology creators, industry, entrepreneurs, and capital sources behind the funding and mentoring of seed investments. Since launching in 2008, we have invested in many exciting companies!  http://kickstartseedfund.com/

Mercato Partners

Mercato Partners is an innovative growth equity investor with genuine expertise in sales and marketing execution. We invest in high growth technology and consumer businesses, bringing unparalleled expertise in sales execution and channel expansion.  www.mercatopartners.com

Alta Ventures

Alta Ventures Mexico is an early-stage venture capital fund. Although they have offices in Salt Lake, their primary goal is to help passionate entrepreneurs grow innovative companies in Mexico.  They take an active approach to investing in areas where the Alta team and network has domain experience. These areas include internet, SaaS computing, mobile computing, consumer, security, communications and health care.  www.AltaVentures.com

Movement Ventures

We are a venture studio which means we are a collective of talented, successful entrepreneurs, each with a killer skill-set complementary to one another.  Like a nursery grows plants from their own seeds, we grow companies from our own ideas. By day, we work together to create amazing, profitable companies that people love.  By night, we eat dinner with our families and watch movies and stuff. (Grow Utah Note:  We’re not sure if they invest in outside ideas or only their own, but it’s worth asking.  www.movementventures.com

Peak Ventures

Peak Ventures is an early-stage investment firm in Utah that invests in talented entrepreneurs with exceptional technologies.  It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Peak Capital Partners which is an $800M real estate private equity firm.  www.PeakVentureCapital.com

Rees Capital

REES (Recognizing & Empowering Entrepreneurial Success) Capital is an angel investment and mentor capital firm that works in close collaboration with entrepreneurs and their investors and board members to drive company growth and maximize equity value through strategic direction and influence. REES Capital focuses its efforts on start-ups and high-growth companies. Based in South Jordan, Utah, REES Capital works with entrepreneurs and companies throughout the world.  www.reescapital.com/

Signal Peak Ventures

Signal Peak Ventures was formed by Ron Heinz and Brandon Tidwell who were formerly the principles at Canopy Ventures.  Signal Peak wants to help entrepreneurs reach the top and has helped companies such as SmartBomb Interactive and Solera Networks.  www.signalpeakvc.com

Renewable Tech Ventures

RenewableTech Ventures is an early stage and growth stage venture fund investing in renewable energy, clean technology, energy conservation, green materials and other technologies. They have offices in Salt Lake City, Rexburg and Alberta.  www.renewablevc.com/

GSD Capital (formerly Rock & Hammer Ventures)

GSD Capital (formerly Rock & Hammer Ventures) provides founder-friendly funding to early-stage Mountain West companies. Our focus is partnering with exceptional founding teams who seek to avoid costly equity dilution. We provide funding coupled with the assistance of our operationally experienced team. We do this utilizing Revenue-Based Financing and other debt-based funding structures. We lack the restrictions of a traditional fund structure, giving us the ability to custom-fit funding solutions. www.gsdcapital.vc

Southern Utah / Dixie Angels

The Southern Utah Dixie Angels are a newly formed group of accredited investors located in Southern Utah. The Dixie Angels are committed to furthering Southern Utah’s development by fostering economic development through experienced investment and consulting.

Our members are drawn from private groups, including investors and mentors who are interested in supporting and/or financing early-stage ventures. Our members have in common a strong desire, willingness, and capability to support early-stage ventures.

Because we like to be involved with our investments, we prefer deals that originate in Utah, Nevada or locales contiguous to southwest Utah.  www.dixieangels.com

Salt Lake Life Science Angels

Salt Lake Life Science Angels (SLLSA) is a not-for-profit corporation organized to facilitate investment in seed-stage healthcare and life science companies in Utah and the Mountain West. SLLSA is made up of approximately twenty accredited executives, entrepreneurs, scientists, and clinicians seeking investment opportunities in early-stage companies. SLLSA strives to be a benefit to both its angel investor members and to the community’s start-up companies.  www.sllsa.com/

Crocker Ventures

Crocker Ventures is an independent, privately-held life science and healthcare investment firm that funds promising seed- and early-stage life science technology companies in four primary areas: diagnostics, biotechnology/pharmaceuticals, drug delivery, and medical devices.   www.crockerventures.com/

Subtraction Capital

Subtraction Capital is a venture fund that works hard to support great entrepreneurs. We believe that we have an eye for spotting valuable companies early in their lifecycle, but we also invest in mid and late stage startups that have proven track records and more established teams.VAST is a growth equity fund focused on investing in businesses created by, run by, or owned by women. Our mission is to create a bridge between the VAST potential for women entrepreneurs and the equity capital necessary to help them grow and evolve their businesses.   www.SubtractionCapital.com

VAST Equity

VAST is a growth equity fund focused on investing in businesses created by, run by, or owned by women. Our mission is to create a bridge between the VAST potential for women entrepreneurs and the equity capital necessary to help them grow and evolve their businesses.

Women-led enterprises traditionally receive a significantly smaller percentage of the total venture capital and private equity capital deployed annually.VAST strongly believes in the tremendous growth potential of this underserved segment and seek opportunities to build partnerships with passionate and experienced women entrepreneurs. VAST is located in Utah.  www.vastequity.com

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Clarke Capital

Clarke Capital Partners is a family office managing assets in the ‘Growth Equity’ stage of business. Clarke’s investment thesis allows for private placement to companies:

  • With $1-$5 million of EBITDA
  • Solid Management
  • Location Generally in the Western United States
  • Defensible Business Model
  • Opportunities for Exit at Increased Terminal Value



Crowchild LLC is a boutique investment firm that supports a portfolio of start-up companies. We also acquire and repair distressed businesses. All our companies share resources valuable to small businesses: management, accounting, bookkeeping, information systems, web development, marketing, design, printing services, and office space.

Crowchild companies focus on bootstrap growth to prove their business model and retain equity through early-stage development. Our distressed acquisitions have access to our network of experts and investors to get things back on track. All crowchild projects are undertaken for a short incubation period while developing access to equity markets.   www.crowchild.com

University Venture Fund

University Venture Fund invests in compelling new technologies, high growth opportunities and stable cash flowing businesses across a broad range of industries and sectors. This opportunistic investment approach allows UVF to take advantage of the latest trends and market dynamics, and leverage the diverse backgrounds of our students. UVF only co-invests alongside other reputable institutional investors.

Students play a key role in analyzing and determining the investment worthiness of a business. They perform in-depth due diligence on the company and the sector in which it operates. They work directly with the entrepreneurs and other investors in the deal, and work hard to truly understand the business model and opportunity.  www.uventurefund.com

Utah Fund of Funds

The Utah Fund of Funds is a $300 million State of Utah economic development program aimed at providing access of alternative or non-traditional capital to Utah entrepreneurs. The Utah Fund of Funds will not invest money into any company or individual but rather will invest in venture capital and private equity funds that commit to establishing a working relationship with the Utah Fund of Funds, Utah’s start-up and business community and commit to making investments in qualifying companies. The Utah Fund of Funds will invest in venture capital and private equity funds located both in Utah and outside Utah.   www.utahfundoffunds.com

Innoventures Capital Partners

InnoVentures Capital Partners is the manager of the UTFC family of funds located in Salt Lake City, Utah. We invest in small companies throughout the region by providing subordinated debt to start-up and growing businesses. We fill a unique niche in the Utah venture capital network providing up to $500,000 to entrepreneurial companies. www.innoventurescapitalpartners.com

42 Ventures

Partnering with entrepreneurs to grow software-driven businesses that deliver innovative products and services to highly defined markets. Located in Salt Lake City.   www.42Ventures.com

Aries Capital Partners

Aries Capital Partners does more than just provide capital. We build businesses through investment and deep expertise in strategy, finance, marketing, IT, and management. The combination of our resources and experience creates world-class companies.  www.ariescp.com

WBI Angels

The Wayne Brown Institute is Utah group that helps entrepreneurs prepare for funding and gets them in front of the WBI Angels (investors from across the country selected by Wayne Brown Institute).  The WBI Venture Funding Program and the WBI Angels welcome any company to submit a business plan. WBI offers entrepreneurs educational and training programs that transfer experience, knowledge, contacts and capital from the world’s leading business and financial organizations to promising early-stage, technology-based companies.  WBI Angels is made of very active angels from around the country that will invest in Utah and beyond, as well as, many non-traditional local angels. A number of these angels are Board members of the Wayne Brown Institute.   www.WayneBrownInstitute.org

Banyan Ventures

Banyan was founded in 2003 by a team of partners with extensive experience in strategic planning, operations, financial management, sales, and marketing. We have established a robust infrastructure and proven methodology for helping early-stage companies to grow and succeed.   www.banyanventures.com

DW Healthcare Partners

Formed in 2002, DW Healthcare Partners is a healthcare-focused private equity firm with over $500 million under management. We are experts in the areas of healthcare investments, strategic growth planning and business value maximization. We invest in healthcare companies generating over $4 million in EBITDA, at the smaller end of the middle market. DWHP has offices in Toronto and Park City.   www.dwhp.com

Sentry Private Equity

In 2002, Sentry formally organized its Private Equity Division. Through that division, Sentry invests in and provides various services to emerging growth companies, which presently include companies in diverse industries. Sentry’s capital and services help facilitate your companies profitable growth to the next level and beyond.   sentryfinancial.com/private.asp

Prospector Equity

Based in Park City, Prospector Equity Capital, L.P. established its first fund in 2002 to invest in early to later stage investment opportunities throughout the West, particularly focusing on Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Arizona and California.

The Partners of Prospector Equity Capital, L.P. believe in forming long-term partnerships with experienced and driven management teams in order to foster successful market leaders. The Partners seek opportunities where they can add value through their diverse investment background with expertise and strategic resources across a broad range of industries.   www.huntercapital.com

Monarch Partners

Monarch Partners is a seed stage investment fund that aligns with passionate, talented and visionary entrepreneurs to develop and grow high-impact startup companies.   www.monarchvc.com

Maverick Angels

Maverick Angels is a group of successful accredited investors located in Southern California (Westlake) and Salt Lake City, Utah. Maverick Angels is a very different kind of angel investor network that takes an entrepreneurial approach to angel investing to create win-win results with portfolio companies.   www.maverickangels.com

Cherokee and Walker Private Equity

Cherokee & Walker is a private equity firm managing and seeking investment opportunities that fit the models of: Acquisitions & Investments, Partnerships, Outgrowth.   http://cherokeeandwalker.com

Alerion Capital Group

Alerion Capital Group applies technology domain expertise to private equity investments in later-stage technology and technology enabled companies. Our mission is to leverage the experience of our people and network and the application of capital to elevate the performance of our portfolio companies.   www.alerion.com

Dolphin Capital

Dolphin Capital is a private equity firm that invests in mid-market businesses with significant growth potential. Its investments include growth capital investments, partial buy-outs and acquisitions. Dolphin Capital strives to actively support the management teams of its portfolio companies and will take an active role in the businesses when necessary.   www.dolphincapitalgroup.com/

Sorenson Capital

Sorenson Capital is a private equity firm headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. We provide small to middle-market buyout and growth equity investments, with a particular focus on opportunities in selected states in the Mountain and Western regions of the United States.  www.sorensoncapital.com

Decathlon Capital Partners

Decathlon Capital Partners is a leading provider of innovative financing solutions and growth capital for companies seeking flexible alternatives to traditional equity investment. Their focus is on revenue-based lending.

Decathlon is based in Park City and managed by Wayne Cantwell who is also associated with Crescendo Partners in Palo Alto.   www.decathloncapital.com

Peterson Partners

Our objective is to be a premier capital partner for entrepreneurs and founders of businesses. We look to launch and grow great companies. Because of our focus on working with the best entrepreneurs, we also make a meaningful number of investments in search funds.

With our offices located in Salt Lake City, UT, we tend to favor investments in the West Coast and Mountain West regions of the United States. However, we also consider investments outside of this region that fit well with our investment strategy. We are generalists and do not specialize in making investments in any particular industry; however, we will not typically invest in pure technology startups outside of a defined business model and go-to-market strategy.   www.petersonPartners.com

Cougar Capital

Cougar Capital is a student-run venture capital and private equity fund run by 2nd-year MBA students at the Marriott School at Brigham Young University.

Cougar Capital partners with venture capital and private equity firms and becomes a member of the syndicate team conducting due diligence on potential investments. When appropriate, Cougar Capital will co-invest with the industry partners in the deal.

Started in 2005, Cougar Capital has produced alumni currently working in private equity, venture capital, investment banking, and award-winning entrepreneurial startups. Forbes magazine recently designated Cougar Capital as one of the most innovative business classes in America.   http://byucougarcapital.org/

Campus Founders Fund

We are a brand new venture capital fund that empowers students to find and fund the best entrepreneurs on campus.  Exceptional students from all disciplines on campus will autonomously manage a $500,000 venture capital fund. The student Investment Team will make all funding decisions amongst themselves and invest $10,000-$20,000 per company. The best entrepreneurs on campus chosen by the Investment Team receive funding and mentorship from top-notch CEOs.   www.CampusFounders.com

U of U Startup Center Seed Fund

The Startup Center for Students (StaC) at the U of U helps students execute on their business ideas by assisting with strategy, funding, implementation and mentoring. StaC’s expertise is building companies around ideas that are scalable and have an intellectual property component. If you are a U of U student, you can apply for funding at the link below.   www.tvc.utah.edu/stac/funding.php

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Utah Accelerators (Training + Capital)


BoomStartup is a mentorship-driven investment accelerator program focusing its efforts on providing money, mentors, and markets for its energetic tech entrepreneur participants. We mentor tech startups from idea creation through execution.  www.boomstartup.com

LIFT - Outdoor Rec Accelerator

LIFT is Utah’s first outdoor rec industry accelerator, organized by Grow Utah and Ogden City.  It consists of an 8 week training program, outdoor rec industry mentors, and $15k of launch capital without requiring any equity in your company. www.GrowUtah.com/lift

Think Atomic

ThinkAtomic is one of Utah’s premier high-tech incubator and venture accelerator—rich in vision, resources, and experience. The ThinkAtomic environment offers a unique and innovative approach to high-tech venturing. With one of the most active teams and proven track records, ThinkAtomic can help your idea grow. Contact us and see what we can do to release your companies full potential.  thinkatomic.com

Other Utah Funding Sources


Based in Salt Lake City, Lendio is flipping the startup failure rate on its head. By matching entrepreneurs with the right business loans, we’re experiencing about a 70% loan approval rate for our members. In the last two years, we’ve helped our members get more than $240 million in loan approvals, and we’re just getting started.  www.lendio.com


The Technology Commercialization and Innovation Program, administered by the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, provides competitive grants to small businesses and university teams to accelerate the commercialization of their innovative technologies. This program helps companies secure non-dilutive funding at critical points in their funding and commercialization lifecycles, resulting in long-term success and economic development in the state.   http://business.utah.gov/programs/tcip/

Auxano Debt Funding

The Auxano Funding investment practice was initiated in 2011 as we began to research alternative investments practices to bank debt and venture capital, neither of which have served entrepreneurs particularly well in recent years.

The name of our practice, Auxano Funding. Auxano means to cause to grow or increase.  Our goal is to provide the resources, financial and otherwise, to help the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Utah.

We are all entrepreneurially minded here at Auxano.  Our deal structure reflects this understanding. We strive to find ways to align our interests and efforts with those the management teams where we invest.  The best results come from driven intelligent entrepreneurs that can take the help and resources we provide to launch their business to the next level.  www.auxanofunding.com/

Provo City Loan Fund

http://new.provo.org/econdev.bdc_process.html – BDC Process Provo City Loan Fund

SLC Revolving Loan Fund

http://www.slcgov.com/ED/sbi.htm – Salt Lake City – Revolving Loan Fund

Utah Microenterprise Loan Fund

http://www.umlf.com/ – Utah Microenterprise Loan Fund – Entrepreneur Loans

Ogden Loan Fund

http://ogdenreinvestment.org/Home.html – Ogden Reinvestment Corporation – Loan Fund

SBIR Grants

http://www.innovationutah.com/sbir.html – SBIR-STTR Resource Center – R&D Grants for Small UT Businessesd

Ogden Loan Fund

http://ogdenreinvestment.org/Home.html – Ogden Reinvestment Corporation – Loan Fund

Davis County Revolving Loan Fund
Ogden City – Small Business Loan Fund

http://www.ogdencity.com/en/doing_business/business_assistance.aspx – Ogden City – Small Business Loan Fund

Bear River Association of Governments – Grant Program

http://www.brag.utah.gov/develop_cdbg.html – Bear River Association of Governments – Grant Program

Utah CDC – Small Business Capital

http://www.nucdc.com/ – Utah CDC – Small Business Capital

MountainWest Capital Network

http://www.mwcn.org/ – MountainWest Capital Network

Mountain West Small Business Finance

http://www.mwsbf.com/ – Mountain West – Utah Small Business Finance

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