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Grow Utah
Grow Utah4 months ago
FYI.... Here is the latest timeline on opening Utah back up for business.
Grow Utah
Grow Utah1 year ago
Happy post Independence Day! We hope you had a safe and memorable celebration and are recovering from your overdose of Aunt Betsy's baked beans and Uncle Larry's habanero burgers!
The founding of America was a lot like the founding of a company today. It was an idea- an idea that had never been tried before in the world and that no one thought would work. It was an idea that people were born free and neither they or their ideas/profit/property/business etc were owned by any King, Queen, or government. Instead, they were sovereign individuals and their ideas & property were theirs to keep. This was a fundamental new idea that proved to change the world and lead to millions of startups, small businesses, and innovations from this country.
So, thanks to radical entrepreneurs like those men and women back then, you get to be the radical entrepreneurs of today... Now, get out there, build your own company, and change the world!
Grow Utah
Grow Utah1 year ago
Apply for Grow Utah's RAMP Product Accelerator - Spring Cohort!

RAMP is Utah's premiere product/startup accelerator for innovators utilizing carbon fiber, advanced composites or 3D printing as key components in their product innovations.

In partnership with UAMMI - Utah Advanced Materials & Manufacturing Initiative & Davis County Economic Development, RAMP will help you rapidly accelerate your product innovation and startup.

RAMP is for startups, small businesses, and product innovation teams across different growth stages and various market sectors including: outdoor recreation, sporting goods, medical devices, construction, aerospace and more!

Program highlights:

•10 week accelerator - training, industry experts, technical experts
•Utilize the latest Lean Launch practices of starting a business
•Privileged use of state of the art labs and technical equipment for product prototyping and materials testing
•A launch place in Northern Utah- the center of Utah's composites and advanced manufacturing sector
•Mentoring from Utah's best industry and tech experts
•Tuition scholarship provided to each team without requiring any equity
•Showcase business and innovation to potential partners and investors
•Preferred consideration for follow-on funding
Participating in RAMP is by invitation only and space is limited. Open enrollment is until March 13, 2019 and teams will be selected during this time.

Apply now at !
Grow Utah
Grow Utah2 years ago
Looking for funding for your business? We have a list of common Angel, VC, and other investment sources in Utah.
Grow Utah
Grow Utah2 years ago
Utah Business Magazine interviewed our own Justin Bott on the pros and cons of bootstrapping and seeking investment. It is a great article if you are trying to decide what is best to grow your company.